The First Step

     An emphasis on rote learning and competition over understanding is a problem that has accumulated in the Thai educational system over the years. As a result, many young learners do not enjoy learning and view their school only as an arena for competing to enter higher education, rather than a place to discover their true talents and interests.

     The Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education at Thammasat University has been concerned with these issues since its inception. Thammasat Secondary School (TSS) was established as a space for enabling secondary students to grow as multi-dimensional individuals, who are interested in their environment, discover their talents and interests, are able to focus on issues they feel passionate about to the point they reach expertise on such issues, and are happy and efficient learners.

     Based on the philosophy that good learning is the most precious thing in life, TSS envisions a learning ecosystem comprising the curriculum, teachers and school staff, and surrounding society (including parents). When each of these are attentive to learners and support each other, it can greatly foster the balanced growth of our students.


Society is aware of and values learning through wisdom and practice, connected through a shared basis of humanity.


1. Developing change-makers in learning and education.

2. Producing research to discover new knowledge, produce learning innovations, and inform policy.

3. Building and expanding learning spaces on the local, national and international levels.

4. Building and developing collaboration networks within and beyond the school.


Learning is the most valuable thing in our lives

School Culture

Toward inclusive societies that learn and grow together. An inclusive society built through respect and mutual learning.



To be a leading institution that fosters secondary students to grow as self-reliant individuals and good members of society.


Building an integrated learning ecosystem with collaboration from all stakeholders (learners, parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, university personnel, and surrounding society) that serves 1) as a model for providing learning that cultivates wisdom in understanding worlds within and beyond oneself, as well as fostering the growth of individuals who will become good members of society.  a lifestyle as a good member of society, 2) as a site for practicing learning facilitation and conducting research for the Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, and 3) as a service for university personnel.